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Soccer, a famous game globally, is not just a sport; it’s a passion and a culture for many people. An intense excitement for football is behind computer game development. However, since the mobile game era started, FIFA Mobile has been leading in mobile gaming. We will discuss in this article the details of the FIFA Mobile old versions and what made it unique among many.

Play FIFA Mobile Older Versions

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FIFA Mobile v18.1.01

Android 5.0 | 180 MB

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FIFA Mobile v18.0.04

Android 5.0 | 178 MB

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FIFA Mobile v18.0.02

Android 5.0 | 178 MB

fifa mobile apk old versions

FIFA Mobile v17.1.01

Android 5.0 | 136 MB

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FIFA Mobile v17.0.03

Android 5.0 | 136 MB

Beginning of FIFA Mobile

The world of mobile games is evolving rapidly. But sometimes, it’s curious to look back at where we started. FIFA Mobile is one of those games that brings back memories. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team was the game’s first version released in October 2016 by EA Sports.

fifa mobile old version gameplay

When smartphones were evolving, FIFA Mobile offered a football experience in our pockets. The early versions were not loaded with the best graphics or features, but they provided a fun way to play football on the go. Ever since the mobile version of the game was launched, there’s no need to sit in front of your desktop and play FIFA Mobile on a PC. You can easily play FIFA Mobile on iOS or Android devices while waiting for a bus or during any free time.

Team Building In FIFA Mobile Old Versions

In FIFA Mobile old versions, building and managing a team were equally important as the crucial gameplay. It was challenging for gamers to choose the players, determine the best team formations, and maintain the players’ energy levels. In short, the ball was in your court to make decisions that led your team toward success.

FIFA Mobile: Challenges of The Past

Challenges are the essence of any game, and FIFA Mobile is no different. Due to technical limitations at the time, it took a lot of work to balance performance and graphics to avoid lagging issues. There were compatibility issues with running the game smoothly on mobile or any other handheld device. However, the developers viewed these challenges in context and initiated the improvements we see in the current versions.

Currency Inception For In-Game Shopping

The in-game currency is an exciting element of the game. In early versions, developers introduced FIFA Points and Coins for in-game shopping. These currencies were essential for gamers to buy players, upgrade skills, and more. The launch of this feature was met with mixed feelings; some people loved it, while others felt it created an imbalance.

FIFA Mobile 16 as FIFA Mobile Old Version

In 2016, the launch of FIFA Mobile was a turning point for mobile games.

This version was the evolution of the FIFA 16 APK game and introduced the Ultimate Team mode for mobile users. Managing your squad, engaging in matches, and accepting daily challenges were the core features of the version.

FIFA Mobile 17

FIFA Mobile 17 was released with numerous changes after a year. An improved user interface made the game more user-friendly. EA Sports introduced the J1 and J Leagues, along with 18 teams from the Brazil Game Show, each with their respective leagues. The developers used the real names of Brazilian players, a feature that users cannot modify.

fifa mobile old version goal celebration

FIFA Mobile 18

This FIFA Mobile old version replaced the traditional season mode with Campaigns. Campaigns included a series of matches having different tasks, leading rewards like Team of the Year, Team of the Season, and other events. Icons and legendary players of Soccer history were also introduced. After the license renewal, EA included Germany’s Bundesliga and Turkish Super Lig in FIFA Mobile18.

FIFA Mobile 19

The UEFA Champions League was introduced by FIFA Mobile 19, and a Serie A license was confirmed for the game. Chinese Super League was included for the first time in this version. Enhanced visuals and gameplay were experienced by gamers in the 2019 version. The developers optimized the ‘Vs Attack’ mode and introduced chemistry, a feature that rewards players for creating links based on league, club, and nationality in their lineup.

FIFA Mobile 20

In this FIFA Mobile old version, EA Sports added more than 30 official leagues, 700 clubs, and 17000 players. Romanian Liga 1 included for the first time 14 new teams, Indian Super League (ISL), and UAE clubs added to the FIFA Mobile 20 to fulfill the requests of fans from the regions. An improved Head to Head mode was initiated to attract gamers.

FIFA Mobile 21

FIFA Mobile 21 APK was launched on November 2, 2020, introducing a new mode called League Matchups. The graphics have been enhanced to provide a more realistic gameplay experience. This version also brought in new events, challenges, and rewards to engage users. Multiplayer modes, especially H2H, have undergone further refinements, offering gamers an even more thrilling online competitive experience.

FIFA Mobile 22

FIFA Mobile 22 APK was released on 18 January 2022. EA Sports launched the game for both Android and iOS devices. This game version made numerous changes in graphics and gameplay and introduced a new market system. Developers added new clubs like Ferencvarosi TC, Hajduk Split, and Wrexham to the game.


FIFA Mobile has seen a remarkable evolution since its launch in 2016. Starting with modest graphics and basic features, each subsequent version has brought significant improvements, from enhanced gameplay and graphics to the inclusion of new teams and leagues. As the mobile gaming industry has advanced, so has FIFA Mobile, adapting to the changing times and user demands.

The journey from 2016 to the 2022 FIFA Mobile old versions highlights the game’s commitment to offering an immersive football experience on all mobile devices. The latest version of FIFA Mobile 23 garnered unexpected attention from soccer fans worldwide, and its key features make it unique among all previous versions of the FIFA series.

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