FIFA 20 APK Latest Version for Android

3.9 (21)


Android 5.0+




October 19, 2023

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Electronic Arts

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100,000,000 +

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38 MB


FIFA 20 APK, a long-running soccer game by EA Sports, is available with numerous features, including enhanced graphics and animations, upgraded Career Mode to manage your squad in single, multiplayer, and Ultimate Team modes, which enables you to build your dream team by selecting real-life soccer icons.

FIFA 20 for Android controls are mobile-friendly to smooth your gameplay experience, and you can spend a long time playing the game. You can participate in tournaments to challenge yourself or play H2H Matches with friends or other online gamers.

FIFA 20 APK for Android

FIFA 20 for Mobile has new, enhanced features, including new stadiums, heroes, leagues, and much more. Improved graphics give you a realistic gameplay experience.

Key Features of FIFA 20 APK

Some of the key features of the game are as follows:

  • Player Transfer – This feature allows you to create your playing XI with your favorite players.
  • Database – A new Manager Mode and Tournaments database was added to the FIFA 20 Apk. 
  • Graphics – The graphics of the game have been vastly improved, making it one of the most realistic football games on the market. The pitch, the stands, and the players all look incredible, and the game has a much more immersive feel.
  • Teams – The possibilities for team creation are endless for you. 
  • Stadium – A newly added stadium enhances the game, offering superior visuals and a more spacious playing field, intensifying the gameplay experience.
  • Balls – New and updated balls are added to the game. 
  • Kits – New Kits and Jerseys. 
  • Achievements – Play better and win matches to unlock more achievements. 
  • Camera View – Broad camera perspective while playing on PS4. 
  • Cost – A free-of-cost game that can be played on Android devices. 
  • GameplayFIFA 20 Mobile Apk is easy to play.
  • Languages – The game encompasses different languages, so you can understand the commentary in the background of the match regardless of what language you speak. 
FIFA 20 APK Gameplay

How to Download FIFA 20 for Android

1. Tap the button on this screen to download the FIFA 20 APK file.

2. You will get the game.

3. Allow 3rd party app installation from your device settings.

4. Open and install on your device.

5. Once the game finishes loading, it prompts you for verification. Ensure you complete this step and then click OK.

6. Follow the instructions before you get back to the game.

7. Start Your FIFA 20 journey.

FIFA 20 Team


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • New improved graphics, animations and sound effects.
  • Offers updated players, Teams and Tournaments.
  • Allow Team Customization.
  • Offers a variety of control methods, including touchscreen and motion-sensing via mobile accelerometer sensors, ensuring even beginners can enjoy it with ease.


  • This app needs significant storage.
  • It is not unlocked for all countries and regions.
  • Some features need In-app purchases to unlock

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FIFA 20 Mobile is a soccer thrill of EA Sports to your Android. Experience authentic football, pick from worldwide teams, stadiums, and leagues. Craft your kit, challenge friends online, or play AI offline. Earn rewards to unlock more in-game.

Android users require a 5+ version, and iOS 11 for iPhone users.

Yes! The game is free to play, but in-game purchases are required to unlock some unique features.


FIFA 20 APK is a top-notch soccer game for mobile. It looks great, feels real, and is fun to play. There’s lots to do, like building your dream team or playing with friends. While it takes up a good amount of space and isn’t available everywhere, it’s still worth to play for football fans. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!

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