FIFA 22 APK v5.0

FIFA 22 APK, an ultimate soccer game, allows fans to experience the game as they watch their favorite players on the grounds. Football, a top-rated sport worldwide, is played by more than 200 countries and has billions of followers across the globe.


FIFA 22 Mobile Remastered APK

4.2 (8)


Android 5.0+




December 12, 2023

  • Genere


  • Developers

Electronic Arts

  • Users

9,000,000 +

  • Released

Oct 01, 2021

  • Size

30 MB

Electronic Arts, the game’s developers, released this version in January 2022, and its skilled team never disappoints users by providing updated technology-based games. If you’re interested in the latest developments, check out our FIFA 23 APK article for insights into Electronic Arts’ continued innovations in the world of mobile soccer gaming.

fifa 22 mobile gameplay

What is New in FIFA 22 APK?

  • All players and their kits have been upgraded.
  • Updated game modes and features.
  • More customization options are available.
  • New licensed teams have been added.
  • New leagues and clubs have been added.
  • Better utilization of AI technology compared to previous versions.
  • Bug fixes.

FIFA 22 APK Mobile For Android

FIFA Soccer 22 is available for Android phones and tablets; however, it does not support all Android devices. To play the game on an Android device, your device must meet the following criteria:

  • Android version: 5.0 or up.
  • RAM Required: 1GB Minimum.

So, don’t miss the boat and play the best soccer game on your Android device to experience its mind-blowing features.

FIFA 22 Mobile For iOS

Considering iOS devices, the developer also makes the FIFA 22 soccer game supportive of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Your iOS device must meet the following criteria:

iPhones: 12.2 or up,

iPad: 12.2 or up

iPod: 12.2 or up

fifa 22 ios gameplay

How to Play FIFA 22 on a PC

Playing games on the larger screen of your PC or Mac is more relaxing than on handheld devices. The PC screen provides a broader display and an enhanced graphics experience. To play the game on your PC, you need to install an emulator. Emulators allow users to operate their Android apps on a desktop.

If you want to enjoy the FIFA 22 game on your PC, you need to follow these steps. Don’t wait – explore the immersive world of FIFA 22 APK today.

  • Make sure your PC meets all the minimum requirements for the FIFA 22 game.
  • Get the free BlueStacks or Nox emulator from the official BlueStacks/Nox website and install it by following the process shown on the screen.
  • Now install FIFA 22 Mobile from the Google Play Store by logging in with your Google account.
  • Then, set up the emulator accordingly to control the game with the keyboard and mouse.
  • After completing this process, you can play the game on your PC.

Keep your emulator and FIFA 22 Game updated to enjoy the gameplay without lagging.

fifa 22 pc

FIFA 22 APK Mobile Game Features

  • The game can be played offline.
  • Uses a PlayStation 5 Camera.
  • Fresh PlayStation 4 visuals.
  • The latest team uniforms are available.
  • The recent player moves between teams.
  • Sharp, detailed visuals.
  • Better, smoother game experience.
  • Realistic images for player faces.
  • Changes to the soccer field.
  • A new stadium was added.
  • More user-friendly interface.
  • Exciting season-long tournament.
  • The latest logos for the leagues are from Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy.
  • Authentic logos of different countries.
  • New UEFA soccer ball included.
  • Features Champions League soccer.
  • Includes Europa League.
  • Features Germany’s Bundesliga.
  • Features England’s Premier League.
  • Crystal clear match commentary.
  • Updated player ratings according to FIFA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the game’s multiplayer mode allows you to compete with your friends. For this mode internet connection is mandatory.

To improve your skill set, you can follow the tutorials provided by the game developers. Regular practice, learning new tactics, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your players also help.

EA Sports reset all progress when updating a new version. So, you cannot carry your progress to the next version.


FIFA 22 APK stands out as a premier soccer gaming experience crafted by Electronic Arts. The game impresses with its state-of-the-art features, realistic imagery, and comprehensive gameplay. While it requires specific system specifications for Android, iOS, and PC usage, it offers a user-friendly experience.

FIFA 22 Mobile merges real-world soccer and digital entertainment seamlessly, making it an irresistible choice for soccer enthusiasts across the globe. Don’t wait – explore the immersive world of FIFA 22 game today.

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