FIFA Mobile Head To Head H2H Guide

FIFA Mobile H2H Introduction

In FIFA Mobile’s Head-to-Head (H2H) mode, you can engage in online 11vs11 real-time matches, competing with other gamers. If you’re excited about playing the game just like real-life soccer, then you’ll enjoy this article. In the 5th season of FIFA Mobile, H2H is not a standalone mode. In collaboration with VS Attack (VSA), the Weekend Tournament (WT), and the Player of The Month (POTM) Tournament, all are part of Division Rivals.

In H2H mode, defense and attack are the areas to manage the entire squad, just like in console versions (FIFA 21 APK, PES 2021). Substitutions are not available in Head-to-Head (H2H) games. In H2H games, your team’s overall rating (OVR) doesn’t matter. Chemistry doesn’t matter either. While EA mentioned that chemistry affects gameplay in H2H, most gamers don’t notice any difference.

If you’re looking to have a good time playing with friends, this mode is definitely more enjoyable compared to VSA. However, keep in mind that H2H relies on a reliable and smooth internet connection because it happens in real time. If one of you has a poor internet connection, it can slow down the match and cause lag for both players.

FIFA Mobile Head to Head (H2H) Division

head to head division

Here is the full list of FIFA Mobile H2H Divisions :

Amateur III
Amateur II40,000
Amateur I100,000
Pro III180,000
Pro II260,000
Pro I340,000
World Class III420,000
World Class II500,000
World Class I600,000
Legendary III700,000
Legendary II800,000
Legendary I900,000
FIFA Champion1,000,000
FIFA Masters1,300,000
FIFA Grandmasters1,600,000
FIFA Superstars1,900,000

Daily tasks for H2H:

  1. Win a game using a Rivals Player.
  2. Make 5 assists.
  3. Score 3 times using Rivals Players.
  4. Do 20 tackles.
h2h daily goals details

FIFA Mobile H2H Leaderboard

H2H has 2 top leaderboards:

1- Reset Weekly

In H2H, it’s not just about chances. You can get to the top of the weekly and monthly leaderboards if you play well. Prime Icons’ gameplay still matters, but if you are more skilled than the average gamer, you can hit the top position of the leaderboard even if you just use cards from seasonal events like Marquee Stars, Spring Break, Harvest Fest, Carniball, or Top Transfer.

2- Reset Monthly (Top 250)

In VSA’s top 250, you mostly find players who pay to play (p2p) or pay to win (p2w). In H2H’s top 250, there’s a mix. You have the p2p and p2w players, but there are also free-to-play (f2p) players who are good at the game.

H2H Tips & Tricks

I do not play H2H regularly due to poor internet service in my area, but I would like to share some H2H tips and tricks with you based on my experience. If you are a newbie, it is recommended to read the Gameplay Controls first.

  • If you want to stop cross-spammers, use 5 defenders.
  • Use the 2nd defender when you are sure that you can take the ball because the 2nd defender may weaken and expose your defense.
  • Toggle auto-switching based on how you play. It can help line up your defense, but it might get confusing if you’re not familiar with it.
  • When you have a corner, go into Attacking Mode. When your rivals have a corner, play defensively.
  • If you’re not great at defense, avoid using three defenders. It makes it easy for others to score with crosses.
  • When you’re quickly moving up the field, peek at the radar. If your player is open, throw a long pass their way.

I hope this head-to-head (H2H) guide helps you out. But don’t forget to learn some Skill Moves. They’ll make you even better at FIFA Mobile H2H games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Head to Head (H2H) is an online multiplayer mode in FIFA Mobile where players can compete in 11v11 matches against other users from around the world.

You will need to reach level 5, by completing daily quests to start playing H2H. Once unlocked, you can find the H2H mode in the main menu.

Yes, H2H is like real-life football, requiring tactical knowledge and real-time decision making. It’s more challenging than playing against AI.

Yes, playing H2H can earn you rewards based on your rank and performance, which can include in-game currency, player cards, and more.


In summary, ascending the leaderboards in FIFA Mobile Head-to-Head mode is less about sheer challenge and more about applying the right tactics. With shrewd gameplay and a strategic mindset, one can outmaneuver even the best teams using a squad with modest capabilities.

But let’s not forget, this is Player vs Player mode, where no single strategy guarantees victory every time. By employing insights from this comprehensive guide to FIFA Mobile Head-to-Head and through consistent gameplay, you can enhance your prospects of securing a spot amongst the FIFA Champions in the H2H mode.

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