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FIFA 21 APK for Mobile is a football game, its original console version developed and published by EA Sports under the license of the FIFA franchise. It was the 27th addition to the FIFA Mobile APK series.

Aiden Hazard, a Real Madrid winger, has been selected as a new cover star of Daily Edition, protected by Virgil Van Dzeko, a Liverpool defender. Zinedine Zidane, the legend famous for his mesmerizing ball control, was later selected as the cover star for the fixed version of the former Juventus and Royal Madrid midfielder.

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FIFA 21 APK is a mixture of real FIFA and FTS games, developed by EA Sports.

Manager Fashion, Tournament Fashion, Fairs, and weekly events are different modes to play the game. Each method enables you to unlock special game features and more chances to win. Dive into the gaming world and explore the excitement of the lost life game within FIFA 21 mobile.

What is New in FIFA 21 for Android?

  • New Soccer icons like Messi, Ronaldo, Toni Kroos, and many more are added to FIFA 21.
  • Team players’ customization and upgradation is as easy as pie.
  • Allows you to change the players’ kits and others.
  • HD graphics and sound quality like PS4 included.
  • New themes and wallpapers are also included.
  • More new leagues are added to the game.

FIFA 21 APK Features

Let’s have a look at FIFA 21 for Android features!

Build Your Strengthen Team

This feature of the game allows users to build their powerful squad to compete with experienced gamers all over the world. In this mode, you choose your desired players instead of the game system choosing them for you.

FIFA 21 teams ready for play

Different Game Modes

In FIFA 21 Mobile, you will be able to play the game in different and exciting modes. The most liked and popular mode of this game is “World Tour” mode. This mode allows gamers to play real tournaments in the world’s famous stadiums with their rivals. Fight game mode is also an interesting mode of this game, which is only available in the latest version of this game.

Graphics Design

Through the stylish and HD graphics enhancement, gamers can play this soccer game from 360-degree angles. These HD graphics make a realistic soccer playing feel in gamers’ lives. All the players are designed in 3D shapes. All these graphics make the gameplay more smooth and entertaining.

Minimum Device Requirements

  • 1GB RAM or Up
  • 1GB Free Space or Up
  • Android OS 5.0 or UP

Note: High-speed internet and better specs of your Phone make the gameplay smooth and faster.

FIFA 21 Android Career Mode

Interactive match simulation – The new FIFA 21 for this season has been introduced. Eagerly awaited by many, the game can be customized, allowing players to be immersed in crucial moments, such as penalties and free kicks, which are pivotal in determining the game’s result.

Player development – In FIFA 21 for Mobile , player development is now in your control. Training features are upgraded, and new development plans tailored to complement your team’s play style are now available.

Play sharpness and active training – Greater insight into your team and individual performance can be achieved through the intensity of your game. Enhanced by a continuously active training system, your team’s skills and chemistry can be improved simply by completing this session.

Schedule Planning – A new activity management system has been introduced, allowing for the careful planning of team training programs. With this system, decisions on when players should rest or play during matches are effortlessly made, leading to enhanced team efficiency. Additionally, the sharpness and skill of players are seamlessly balanced.

Overhauled Opposition AI – The rival games are now being analyzed with enhanced anti-AI that offers greater intelligence in both offense and defense. A more sophisticated AI system, capable of executing precise passes and making sound decisions, has been introduced.

FIFA 21 APK Gameplay

How to Download FIFA 21 for Android

  1. Before you download the game, from your device settings toggle on “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Download the FIFA 21 APK from the given Button on this page.
  3. Once you get the file, open it.
  4. Tap on “Install” and allow all the required permissions.
  5. Let the installation process be completed.
  6. Once the installation process is completed, Enjoy your FIFA 21 Mobile journey.


FIFA 21 APK, an inspired creation of soccer fans, brings the combined essence of FIFA and FTS to mobile devices. Highlighted by soccer legends like Messi and Ronaldo, it offers HD graphics and diverse playing modes, including the fan-favorite “World Tour.”

Enhanced AI, interactive simulations, and advanced player development tools further elevate the gaming experience. Suitable for devices with 1GB RAM and Android 5.0 or up, it ensures smooth gameplay for soccer enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

FIFA 21 Mobile APK is a soccer game developed by 3rd party/soccer fans for Android devices.

Yes! This file is totally safe and malware-free for your device, as our team of experts verifies it.

While FIFA 21 APK boasts HD graphics akin to the PS4, there might be differences in detail and performance due to the limitations of mobile hardware compared to gaming consoles.

FIFA 21 APK includes various modes such as “World Tour” and offers a rich gameplay experience. However, there might be some features or modes present in the console version that are not available in the APK.

For optimal gameplay, it’s recommended to use devices with at least 1GB RAM and running on Android 5.0 or higher.

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