FIFA Mobile 24 (EAS FC Mobile)

This year, EA will not be releasing FIFA 24 and FIFA Mobile 24. Instead, the developers will launch the game under a new title, EA Sports. Why this change?

FIFA, the governing body of football worldwide, and EA Sports, the game’s developers, have ended their alliance this year. The game will be released as ‘EA Sports FC’ instead of ‘FIFA 24’ (for consoles) and ‘EA FC Mobile‘ instead of ‘FIFA Mobile 24’ (for smartphones) at the end of the third quarter of 2023.

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eas fc mobile 24 logo and player

FIFA Mobile 23 marked the end of the FIFA Mobile journey by EA, and EA FC Mobile will be the title of the upcoming game. The new name of the game may take some time to get used to, and most probably, some fans will still call it FIFA Mobile.

Update: On the official website of EA, they referred to the game as EAS FC Mobile.

The only drawback of EA and FIFA separating their ways is changing the game’s name. However, all the real players, authentic clubs, Champions League, and other things will be there to experience the amusing gameplay.

Through the FIFPRO deal, EA reserved the rights for Real Players and teamed up with big soccer leagues worldwide for EA Sports FC. EA Mobile continues to provide the verified licenses for:

  • Bundesliga
  • UEFA Champions League (UCL)
  • UEFA Europa League (UEL)
  • Serie A TIM
  • UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL)
  • English Premier League (EPL)
  • Ligue 1 UberEats
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)

Unfortunately, the FIFA World Cup will not be included in upcoming EA games.

EAS FC Mobile 24 Release Date

September 29, 2023, the launching date of EA Sports FC Mobile has been confirmed by the official Twitter account of EA Sports FC. Now you can play new season of EAS FC Mobile 24 and resume your soccer journey.

Surprisingly, this time the mobile version will be released first. Usually, the console version is released a few weeks before the mobile version.

EA Sports FC Mobile Updates

After launching, you can play the new EAS FC Mobile from the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device. There is no need to create a new account if you are already playing the game; you can use the same account name.

The current app will be updated to the EAS FC Mobile app for Android and iOS, and there will be no separate app for EA Sports FC Mobile.

What Carries Over to EAS FC Mobile?

  • Use Name and User ID
  • FIFA Points, now FC Points
  • Ban/Blocked Status

Items Excluded from EA Sports FC Mobile Transition?

  • Players Inventory
  • Coins/Currency
  • Gems
  • League and its Record
  • Profile/Account Level
  • Vanity Items
  • Emotes
  • Logos
  • Team Outfits
  • Stadiums
  • Scoreboard Positions
  • Supporters and Trophies
  • Skill Enhancement

Icons and Heroes In EAS FC Mobile

There are some new Heroes and Icons included in EAS FC Mobile 24 like old FIFA Mobile versions. These entries are highly appreciated to be part of the game. 

List of New Icons and Heroes (Not confirmed yet)

  • Ramires
  • Tevez
  • Beasley
  • Francescoli
  • Lizarazu
  • Sneijder
  • McManaman
  • John Riise
  • Rosicky
  • Kompany
  • Ribery
  • Aguero
  • Berbatov
  • Robben
  • Kanu
  • Ramires
  • Giuly
  • Arda Turan
  • Futre
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Nakamura
  • Vialli
  • Zico

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