FIFA 17 APK, a famous soccer simulation video game, was developed and released by Electronic Arts (EA Sports) in September 2016. The Frostbite gaming engine was introduced in this installment of the FIFA Series.

Marco Reus, a German footballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund, is featured as the cover icon on FIFA 17 Mobile. The game is viral among soccer fans worldwide, as it was designed to meet gamers’ needs, enhancing their gaming experience and providing a realistic soccer feel.

FIFA 17 Mobile

FIFA 17 Mobile APK OBB Data Offline

3.7 (3)


Android 5.0+




November 15, 2023

  • Genere


  • Developers

Electronic Arts

  • Users

74,000,000 +

  • Released

Sept 27, 2016

  • Size

68 MB

FIFA 17 APK Features

Career Mode

Career Mode in FIFA 17 APK OBB allows users to build a lasting football career. Career Mode features two types: Player Career and Manager Career. This mode is also available in FIFA 18 APK.

In Player Career, you can create or select a professional player and participate in leagues, cups, and other competitions to enhance your skills and play for your national team. Your manager will send you in-game emails explaining their expectations and providing guidance on boosting your skills for the season. You must train your players with drills to accelerate their growth throughout the Player Career. Additionally, you can switch your career from Player to Manager.

FIFA 17 Career Mode

Manager Career puts you in charge of the financial decisions of your favorite club and requires you to satisfy the board. Hunt for highly skilled players, please them and make crucial decisions to propel your club to the number one ranking. If you perform well, you will be promoted to the role of a national team manager.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs, an online game mode in FIFA 17 Mobile, allows you to build or join a club alongside your friends and play online matches using players you created in Career Mode. There is a Drop-In Match menu in FIFA 17 Android that enables you to step into a random match and play online with other gamers who also drop into the same match. You can enhance your player’s stats (OVR) by playing matches.

New Attacking Techniques

In the final part of the game, a new feature, New Attacking Techniques, is added by Anthony Martial. This attacking feature provides players with more opportunities to score a goal.

Driven Finish is a new shot technique that allows players to keep the ball low in every shot, whether it’s finesse, volley, or a goal-scoring shot.

Threaded Through Pass is a technique that provides a chance to score with a curved, precise pass into space.

Driven Goal Kicks: This technique allows the goalkeeper to initiate a quick counterattack by passing the ball towards a teammate with power and direction.

Downwards Headers: This technique allows players to control the ball with their heads and bring it down to the ground.

FIFA 17 Mobile Gameplay

Frostbite Engine

Electronic Arts, the developers of FIFA 17, announced that the Frostbite engine powers the game. Frostbite is among the best game engines available in the market, delivering immersive, lifelike actions, offering players a new soccer world experience, and providing fans with more detailed characters expressing emotion.

Physical Play Overhaul

This feature allows you to experience a change in how players interact with each other on the ground. You can control and compete for space and possession in FIFA 17 Mobile APK.

Pushback Tech improves dribbling, trapping, and defending ability to fight for position and the ball. This is helpful when you control the ball and create opportunities for your teammates to make a pass in better positions.

New Physical Interactions provide detailed player interactions, whether it’s across-body tackles, jostling, or goalkeeper collisions.

360° Shield Dribble helps you protect the ball and maintain possession while dribbling in any direction, keeping defenders away.

What is New in FIFA 17 Mobile APK

  • New FUT Kits.
  • FUT Champions.
  • New FUT Legends.
  • Squad Building Challenges.
  • New Japan J1 League added.

How to Download FIFA 17 APK OBB Data

  1. Toggle on “Unknown Sources” in your device’s “Settings” before you get the game. This will permit all third-party apps to make changes on your device.
  2. Tap on the “Download FIFA 17 APK” button on this page & the file will start downloading.
  3. After completing the process, tap on the file to open it.
  4. Tap on “Install” and allow all the required permissions.
  5. Let the installation process be completed.
  6. After successfully installing, enjoy the thrilling gameplay of FIFA 17 Mobile APK. Have a great gaming experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FIFA 17 Mobile APK features 30 leagues and 650 teams.

FIFA 17 Mobile features a total of 70 stadiums, with 50 being licensed and 20 being Premier League stadiums.

FIFA 17 utilizes the Frostbite engine.

The game includes 18,000+ players.


In summary, FIFA 17 APK, developed by Electronic Arts, revolutionizes soccer gaming with its Frostbite engine and features like Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and innovative gameplay techniques. The addition of FUT Kits, FUT Champions, and the Japan J1 League enhances the overall experience. For those eager to play, follow the simple guide for FIFA 17 Mobile APK, unlocking a thrilling and immersive soccer adventure. Enjoy the game and have a fantastic gaming experience!

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