How to Sell Untradeable Players in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile, considered the best soccer game in the world, enables users to earn various rewards through daily quests, game victories, participation in events, and many other avenues. These rewards come in the form of coins, new players, skill boosts, and other benefits.

In FIFA Mobile, players are divided into two categories: tradeable and untradeable. Tradeable players can be bought and sold in the market, while untradeable players cannot. Do you have untradeable players in your inventory and are looking for a way to sell them in the market? Don’t worry! In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on dealing with untradeable players in FIFA Mobile.

Untradeable Players Selling

As mentioned, selling untradeable players in the FIFA Mobile market is restricted. EA intentionally made this decision to maintain balance in card supply and prevent the market from collapsing.

Only EA can determine when you are allowed to sell your untradeable player on the market, and such opportunities are not frequent. Additionally, EA typically provides a heads-up before making this change. Unless an official announcement is released by EA, players who are currently untradeable are unlikely to become tradable.

Players Selling in FIFA Mobile

What to Do with Untradeable Players?

A question arises: if untradeable players cannot be sold on the market in FIFA Mobile, what is the benefit of having these players? Despite being untradeable, they still hold value in various ways within the game.

Here are some ways to utilize such players:

Add Them to Your Playing IX

Players with a high OVR who are untradeable can be included in your playing squad. Players with good gameplay can be utilized in Division Rivals matches, such as Head-to-Head (H2H) or Manager Mode, either as a new player or as a replacement. As EA continues to update the game, they frequently release new players with superior OVR scores, which can sometimes outshine earlier cards with lower OVRs. If you find that your untradeable players fall into this category, consider the following options:

Use Them for Exchanges

In FIFA Mobile, the most recent events offer various exchanges in which you can participate by fulfilling the required criteria such as OVR, leagues, nation, or clubs. You can retain your untradeable players and exchange them later when they fulfill the required criteria. This way, you can maximize the benefits from the exchange system.

Use Untradeable Players for Training

In this way, you can utilize your untradeable players as XP for player training. These players also save your player buying costs in the market as XP.

Untradeable players with a high OVR can get more XP for you.

Completing Quests

Seasonal events in FIFA Mobile offer daily quests in which you have to fulfill a given number of tasks like winning VSA or H2H matches, scoring goals, providing assists, and so on. Requirements for these quests are players from certain countries, leagues, or clubs in your starting squad.

In this situation, if your untradeable players fulfill quest criteria and belong to the required country, league, or club, they become valuable assets for you. Now, you can use these players to complete daily quests and save your coins. This way, you can spend them in the market to buy new players.


If you have a number of untradeable players and want to clear your inventory, the option you have is to quicksell them. This option is valid when dealing with bronze or silver players. Remember, you only get 100 coins when you quicksell your untradeable players. So, before selling them, make sure you don’t need these players.

There you go! Everything you need to understand about untradeable players and maximizing their role in FIFA Mobile is right here. Although you are not able to sell untradeable players directly, there are still different methods to utilize them and maximize the benefit from their presence in your starting 11.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In FIFA Mobile, players that cannot be sold or bought in the market are untradeable players.

Due to EA rules and limitations, you are not able to sell untradeable player directly in the market.

Yes, especially if they’re bronze or silver players. However, keep in mind that you only get 100 coins from quickselling them.

Yes, EA usually gives a heads-up or makes an official announcement before allowing untradeable players to be sold in the market.

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