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The FIFA Mobile APK season has ended, and users are curious to play the latest season of The EA Sports FC Mobile APK. In the new season, EA has decided not to partner with the FIFA Football Association, leading to their decision not to use the ‘FIFA’ name for their game. The game will now be known as ‘EA Sports FC Mobile.’


EAS FC Mobile 24 APK (New Updated Season)

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October 05, 2023

The Beta version for EAS FC Mobile 24 ended earlier in September. Now, dive into the new season of FC Mobile APK and build your ultimate team. Are you ready for the thrill? Although a new version of the game has been released, many people are still keen to play the FIFA Mobile APK version as it provides many new features.

To enjoy the latest season of FC Mobile APK, get the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS users. If you already have an account on FIFA Mobile, there’s no need a new APK. Simply update your FIFA Mobile app through the Google Play Store or App Store, and it will automatically be upgraded to the newly released FC Mobile 24.

FC Points (formerly known as FIFA Points) and your IGN (In-Game Name) are the only items transferred to the new season with Pioneer Players. Please note that Gems, Coins, and any players other than Pioneer Players will not carry over to the new season.

FC Mobile gameplay

In the FIFA 23 APK edition, Mbappe was featured on the cover. However, for the EAS FC Mobile APK 24 version, it’s the Real Madrid’s winger, Vinicius Jr., who takes the spotlight.

Features in FC Mobile APK

EA Sports FC Mobile APK 24 presents various exciting features in this new season to make your gameplay more memorable. Let’s have an overview of these features:


Enhancement in rendering and visual quality.

  • Eye-catching grass color, rendering, and improved graphics await your team as they dribble, run, and slide through
  • Listen to the energetic crowd in the stadium like never before, with new banners and flags added.
  • Experience cinematic gameplay with improved lighting and lens flare effects.
FC Mobile 24 Improved Graphics

Enjoy realistic stadium SFX and live commentary.

  • Experience the cheering fans like you’ve never heard, immerse yourself in team-specific anthems, and feel the thrilling commentary from renowned commentators.

An enhanced live-streaming experience featuring an innovative in-game camera angle, refined set piece visuals, and more impactful replay scenes.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Responsive Game Speed: Transformed the ebb and flow of the game.  
  • Elite Shooting System: A shot system that more closely mirrors real-world trajectories and values intelligent shooting choices.
  • Real Player Character: Witness the real feel of players as their specific attributes shine brighter and their movements diversify.
  • Immersive Broadcast Experience: Upgraded goal playback and versatile camera perspectives.
  • Impact Controls: Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock-On are some new controls included in the new season.
FC Mobile Elite Shooting System


  • Select a qualified club to create your UEFA Champions League journey from Group stages to the Final.
  • Join the UEFA Champions League. Compete with genuine teams and new broadcasts, celebrate victory, and etch your name in football history.
  • UCL commentary, unique and supported in 10+ languages, brings the most immersive match atmosphere.


  • Elevate your team’s presence by transforming how they appear. Tailor the style of your players, from their kits to their footwear. You have the freedom to modify elements such as the club emblem, ball, jersey, design style, and player numbers according to your liking.


  • EA introduced an updated training and ranking system that utilizes a customizable player point system to unlock the potential of each player.

Essential Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Fixed some language-specific front-end issues.
  • Improved popup messaging during content updates.
  • Fixed an issue with the age selection popup during account creation.

What is New in FC Mobile APK 24

In FC Mobile APK, EA Sports introduced 4 new acceleration archetypes to show more players’ movement styles:

  • Controlled Explosive – 50% Explosive, 50% Controlled.
  • Mostly Explosive – 70% Explosive, 30% Controlled.
  • Controlled Lengthy – 50% Lengthy, 50% Controlled.
  • Mostly Lengthy – 70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled.

Now, regions are known as the Global Region, just like in seasons prior to FIFA Mobile 22 and 23. Through the Global Region, leaderboards and League vs. League (LvL) will be unified for all players. With the new changes, you can challenge and compete with players regardless of their location.

The initial events in the game to play are the ‘Welcome to FC Mobile‘ and the ‘UCL Tournament.’

What are your thoughts on the updates in the latest season of EA Sports FC Mobile APK 24? Are there any additional features you hope to see in the future? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


The new EA Sports FC Mobile 24 season has arrived, marking the end of FIFA Mobile 23. EA no longer partners with FIFA, resulting in a rebrand. Users can update their current FIFA Mobile app to transition. Only FC Points and IGN carry over, excluding Gems, Coins, and most players. Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid is the new cover star. The game introduces enhanced visuals, gameplay improvements, a UEFA Champions League mode, team customization options, and vital bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Minimum 1GB Ram.
  • Quad Core Processor (1.5GHz).
  • Android OS version 5.0 or updated.
  • User Name and ID.
  • FC Points.
  • Ban Status.

No, if you already have an account on FIFA Mobile, update your app via the Google Play Store or App Store. Your FIFA Mobile 23 will automatically be updated to FC Mobile 24.

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