Division Rivals in FIFA Mobile 23


In FIFA Mobile 23, Division Rivals enables you to compete with other gamers in various modes and win rewards. In FIFA Mobile Division Rivals, you can earn additional rewards by completing daily tasks.

There are four sections in which you can compete: VS Attack Mode (VSA), Manager Mode, Head to Head (H2H), and Player of the Month (POTM). You can participate in VSA, H2H, and Manager Mode daily, while the POTM Tournament is held monthly. If you’re tired of playing seasonal events, worry not! Division Rivals allows you to experience these four different modes as an alternative.

Let’s have a look at the guide of these 4 chapters.

VS Attack (VSA) Mode in FIFA Mobile Division Rivals

This mode has been a part of FIFA Mobile 23 since its 1st season and has undergone numerous modifications since its introduction. Versus Attack, also known as VSA, is a game of opportunities. As the title suggests, the majority of these opportunities involve attacking. Defensive situations, such as counterattacks, arise only when there is a notable difference in OVR between you and your opponent.

Versus Attack Mode in FIFA Mobile

Head to Head (H2H) in Division Rivals

In H2H mode, you can compete with other online gamers in 11vs11 real-time matches. This mode is for you if you enjoy playing soccer matches that closely simulate real-life scenarios. In H2H, you have complete control over attacks, defenses, ball possessions, and more on your playing XI, unlike VSA, which primarily focuses on attacks.

One limitation of H2H is that it operates in real-time and requires consistent and uninterrupted internet connectivity. If one player experiences poor internet, it can disrupt the experience for both participants, leading to slow and laggy gameplay. FIFA 19 APK is also a famous version of the FIFA series among football lovers.

H2H mode in Division Rivals

Please check the detailed guide about H2H here.

Manager Mode in FIFA Mobile Division Rivals

Manager Mode emphasizes the strategic management of your team, allowing you to execute your game plan and observe your team’s performance, as opposed to actively participating in VSA or H2H. This mode is centered around tactics, and your team’s playstyle depends on your chosen strategy: Attacking, Control, Counter, and Defense.

You can select a tactic based on the game scenario, your rival, and your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you have the option to create a Custom Tactic by customizing the preset strategies. Manager Mode enables you to analyze various aspects of your team’s performance throughout the game, including metrics such as shots, possession percentage, pass accuracy, fouls, and offsides.

Manager Mode in Division Rivals

Moreover, you can assess specific player statistics such as goals scored, assists made, shots directed at the goal, passing accuracy, successful tackles, committed fouls, and their total performance score for the match. Take advantage of these insights to make strategic choices like a proactive manager.

Manager Mode has a progression mechanism, like in H2H and VS Attack. As you win matches, you climb up in the FIFA Mobile Division Rivals leaderboard and win more rewards.

Player of the Month (POTM ) Tournament

The POTM tournament takes place in the initial 3 days of every month. This tournament only supports VSA matches; you cannot compete in H2H mode.

You can win a POTM player as a reward for the POTM tournament based on the player’s best performance in the real world. To obtain a POTM player, you must win 26 out of 30 VSA matches. If you win fewer than 26 matches, you can retain POTM points and use them in the following month.

POTM Tournament in Division Rivals


FIFA Mobile Division Rivals consists of 15 tiers, with Amateur 3 being the lowest and FIFA Master the highest. You start at Amateur 3 and, through victories, can earn fans.

Find the below-mentioned list for H2H and VSA modes.

FIFA Masters1,100,000
FIFA Champion1,000,000
Legendary I900,000
Legendary II800,000
Legendary III700,000
World Class I600,000
World Class II500,000
World Class III420,000
Pro I340,000
Pro II260,000
Pro III180,000
Amateur I100,000
Amateur II40,000
Amateur III0

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s a competitive mode in FIFA Mobile 23 with various game modes and opportunities to win rewards.

It’s held the first 3 days of each month, using VSA matches. Win 26 out of 30 games to earn a POTM player.

H2H is an 11vs11 real-time match, while VSA focuses mainly on attacking opportunities.

It centers on team strategy, allowing players to select tactics and analyze in-game metrics to make informed decisions.

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