FIFA Mobile Tips and Tricks

Get More Coins With Event Players

In this season of FIFA Mobile, dealing with the market requires a little creativity. Due to unsold or overpriced cards in the market, it is swimming against the tide to get them at their actual value. In this situation, getting a free card from the events or using promo codes in FIFA Mobile will be more suitable than purchasing an expensive one from the market. This process will be helpful to save coins and win some other rewards as well.

Most events provide easily accessible cards, and their supply is readily available. Consequently, selling them in the market can be challenging. It is advisable to use the cards either on the bench or as a temporary substitute if they offer an upgrade.

fifa mobile tips and tricks

Overcome Your Team’s Weaknesses Using Market Watchlist

When your team needs to be upgraded, the first thing you should do is identify its weaknesses and determine how to overcome them. The reason could be a low overall card in the team or a player not performing up to par.

These cards are needed to upgrade initially to meet the development goals. While it may seem favorable to choose a first-class attacker, doing so may weaken your overall performance by spending a significant amount of coins on one segment of the team. This is not a recommended strategy for ranking up in Division Rivals.

The market offers a tool that allows the best players to add market cards to their watchlists. This feature helps check the prices of your desired cards from just one menu. Once you identify the weaknesses, create a list of possible replacements from the market, and then compare them one by one to make an informed decision.

Focus on Specific Skill Boosts For Better Results

It could be more expensive and in high demand to upgrade the skills boosts every time. So, it’s worth focusing on a specific set of skill boosts. For example, for attackers, prioritize the cards with attacking skill boosts and ignore others like defending and tackling.

This practice will help you save on additional hidden costs when upgrading skills in the future, especially when adding a new card to the team. Top skill boost levels can deplete coin balances rapidly, so it is worthwhile to anticipate this. If a new card with excellent stats and a good deal becomes available, we prefer to build our team around it. The primary goal is to keep the skill boost cap in mind and avoid unnecessary upgrades.

FIFA Mobile Tips and Tricks: For Upgrading Your Starting XI

As highlighted in the previous point, it would not be good practice to focus on upgrading only one player or a part of the attack. It is crucial to upgrade the whole team by maintaining balance to lead the division rivals.

For example, instead of pushing the attackers to rank 15, focus on uplifting the entire team to rank 10, and then aim for individual rank-ups for each player.

Balance Stats With Overall Performance

Looking for the overall rating is the most important stat to select cards, but it is also essential to consider the more detailed features of these cards. The attributes of cards provide a guideline about their playstyles and sometimes help to determine the worth of the overall rating.

For example, two attackers with different playstyles obtain the same overall ratings, such as a dribbling specialist and one with a finishing ability. In this situation, you will select according to preference, but knowing about these multiple attributes helps differentiate two players of similar overall ratings.

Additionally, cards from new events are often better than old ones, even if they have the same ratings. Always check their features to make sure you are getting all the benefits.

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