FIFA Mobile Best Players For Beginners

FIFA Mobile is an authentic and highly in-demand soccer game among mobile users. Its CONSOLE version also offers multiple features, providing a real-time smartphone football experience. Beginners must unlock the best players in FIFA Mobile through packs or trading to build the best team when competing at a high level.

Beginners need more money or coins to buy the best players in FIFA Mobile from the market to strengthen their team, but they may not have enough. However, they can use FIFA Mobile redeem codes. Newcomers should consider purchasing the best-performing players, also known as ‘beasts,’ within their budget in this situation. These players align with the game’s meta and offer more value for a lower budget.

Let’s have a look at these players:

FIFA Mobile Best Players as Attackers

These players are crucial to your attack. They help start or finish moves near the opponent’s goal. They must have good strength, shooting, and speed.

Wout Weghorst

Wout Weghorst: fifa mobile best players (attacker)

The Dutch striker is a strong presence on the field in reality and the game, making him a suitable target man. He can be a vital player for your team with a satisfactory rating. Although he may not be known for accurate passes, his positioning and heading skills are commendable, helping in successful goal conversions. His primary card performs well in World Tour matches. These matches can be difficult with center-play challenges, so focus on sending crosses. Wout Weghorst is likely to connect with them.

  • Position – ST
  • Overall – 79
  • Program – Base
  • Club – Vfl Wolfsburg
  • League – Bundesliga
  • Country – Netherlands
  • Skill Boost – Shooting

Gerard Deulofeu

Gerard Deulofeu attacking player

The Spanish winger performed notably during his tenure at Watford. He is also showing commendable skills at the Italian club Udinese. We are considering an earlier Deulofeu card from the Boxing Day program for our selection. He is an efficient left-winger with a solid right foot for shooting. Despite his lean physique, he feels quicker and more agile than his statistics suggest. Additionally, the Premier League version of his card is beneficial for enhancing your team’s chemistry.

  • Position – LW
  • Overall – 79
  • Program – Boxing Day
  • Club – Watford
  • League – Premier League
  • Nationality – Spain
  • Skill Boost – Attacking

FIFA Mobile Best Players as Midfielders

Midfielders, the heart of the squad, make you able to build up possession or transit the defensive approach to attacking.

John McGinn

John McGinn fifa mobile midfielder

John McGinn may not be a favorite as a midfielder with a solid physical presence. However, if you value tenacity over physicality in defensive midfielders, consider acquiring John McGinn’s card. He boasts commendable shooting, passing, pace, and defensive stats, making him a beneficial addition to any team.

  • Position – CM
  • Overall – 79
  • Program – Boxing Day
  • Club – Aston Villa
  • League – Premier League
  • Country – Scotland
  • Skill Boost – Box to Box

Francis Coquelin

Francis Coquelin midfielder

Coquelin departed from Arsenal and played for Valencia and Villarreal in La Liga Santander. He is a reliable midfielder, especially for reinforcing defensive positions in the half-spaces. His passing and physical statistics are commendable, positioning him as a central figure in your team. However, his speed as a midfielder is not exceptional, so those seeking a faster midfielder might need to consider other options.

  • Position – CDM
  • Overall – 79
  • Program – UCL
  • Club – Valencia CF
  • League – La Liga Santander
  • Country – France
  • Skill Boost – Destroyer

FIFA Mobile Best Players as Defenders

They are the players who stop the other team’s attacks, and a good defender needs strong defense and physical abilities. It’s also beneficial if they can run fast and pass well.

Theo Hernandez

Theo Hernandez fifa mobile defender

Many FIFA console players believe that Theo Hernandez’s cards perform well in the game. His stats for a left-back are fantastic, and he is a multi-dimensional player. However, he is most favored in a left-back or left-wing-back position.

  • Position – Left Back
  • Overall Rating – 75
  • Program – Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Club – Milan
  • League – Seria A TIM
  • Country – France
  • Skill Boost – Crossing

Nick Pope

Nick Pope fifa mobile defender

We’ve added goalkeepers and defenders in our list since they are crucial for a team’s defense. This year, the game prefers taller goalkeepers, even if they aren’t the quickest. Nick Pope is a tall 6’7″ goalkeeper, and his reach is impressive. With good chemistry, he becomes powerful in the game. However, he might cost a bit more because English players often have higher prices.

  • Position – GK
  • Overall – 77
  • Program – Base
  • Club – Burnley
  • League – Premier League
  • Country – England
  • Skill Boost – GK Positioning


Here’s our list of FIFA Mobile best players for beginners. We’ve picked two players for every key position. It is always recommended to buy them at a reasonable price. When you link them correctly, you’ll get a player card that’s often better than many pricier ones, even without chemistry. Just remember to look around the market and see their costs before you buy the cards. Play FIFA 22 Mobile APK today and build your team with your best players.

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